This rugged island provides you with many beautiful bays surrounded by pine forests, which will create a pleasant shade. In addition to the typical Croatian pebble beaches, you will also find many sandy ones. These are located mainly in the town of Tkon. The most beautiful of them can be found behind the port, direction SE – Plažine, Klanac, Soline. On Pasman you will also find a beach for nudists – Sovinje.

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Boat trips

Galejšniak Island – Croatian island of love
This island has the shape of the most perfect heart in the world and as the only similar island it has never changed this shape. Its perfect shape was discovered only by chance, in 2009 on Google Earth. It is located in the immediate vicinity of Dobropoljana and is accessible by boat.

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Island Dugi Otok
It attracts visitors with its extremely beautiful beaches as well as excellent conditions for water sports.

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Island Iž
The island of Iž is especially popular among yachtsmen who especially appreciate the proximity of the Kornati islands. In the town of Veli Iz there is a very well equipped marina and a marina.

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Cruise to all locations in Murter and the surrounding area where the dolphins are located. After watching the dolphins, swimming is planned – approx. 20-40 minutes.
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Adventure fishing
Experience fishing for yellowfin tuna or other Adriatic fish on your own skin.

Excursions / Panorame tours with crew to islands VRGADA, PAŠMAN, KORNATI, TELAŠĆICA

  • day trip with lunch, bathing
  • half day trip
  • picnic

Boat rental

You can choose with a skipper or without a skipper.

Sailboat and catamaran rental

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Church of Our Lady of Loreto
If you like hiking, in the neighboring town of Banj is the Church of Our Lady of Lorraine – Gospa od Loreta. The Way of the Cross will accompany you to the church. You can rent bikes from us or go by car. You can park at the beginning of the Stations of the Cross, and then you can only climb the easy climb along the fragrant pine forests. The reward is beautiful views of Zadar, the surrounding islands or the Kornati.

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Veliki Bokojl view point
We recommend this trip to each of our guests. It is located directly in our town Dobropoljana. Do not miss the unique experience at the highest point on the island of Pasman. From the top you will find beautiful views of the nearby islands of Kornati, Zadar or fish farms at sea. It is an ideal place to watch the sunrise or sunset. You can also go on this trip on foot. Veliki Bokojl is only 3 km away from DUE VILLAS. If you don’t want to, you can go by car or bicycle to the small parking lot. You will get up the stone path by a slow walk, which will take you about 10-15 minutes.

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Monastery of St. Kuzma and Damian
The only Benedictine monastery in all of Croatia (Benedictine monastery of St. Kuzma and Damjana – Ćokovac) is on the island of Pašman, in the town of Tkon. It rises on a hill called Čokovač, from where there is a beautiful view of Tkon and Biograd in the evening. The 12th-century monastery can be reached by car on the asphalt road. If you want to go through this visit, pay attention to your clothes. Women should have their shoulders covered. Entrance to the monastery is possible on weekdays between 16.00 – 18.00.

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Fortress of St. Michala (Sv. Mihovila) on the island of Ugljan
This fortress stands on a 265 m high hill in the central part of the island of Ugljan. The fortress dates from the 13th century. and was built around a Benedictine monastery and church, of which only the foundations have survived. This trip pays off due to the breathtaking views. It is best if you go here in spring or autumn, when it is not so hot. In the summer months, we recommend taking this trip after the rain, when the air is cleared and visibility allows a view of a distance of several tens of km. Then you have the whole of northern Dalmatia in the palm of your hand.

Ugljan is connected to Pašman by a bridge. Here you will find beautiful bays and beaches with crystal clear sea, sandy beaches, hiking and biking trails and views with magnificent views of the Zadar archipelago.

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Photo: View author information, CC BY-SA 3.0

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The island of Galovač and Ošljak

Galovač Island – this small island is located only 80 m from the coast in the port city of Preko. You can also cross the sea or take a boat there. Tourists love Galovač because of its beautiful beach located next to a pine forest, which provides plenty of shade. There is also a Franciscan Glagolitic monastery from the 15th century.

The island of Ošljak lies a little further. It has ten permanent residents and they all have the same surname – Valčič ☺ On this island there is an old Croatian church from the 10th century. with the remains of dilapidated windmills from the 17th century.

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Photo: AleXXwCC BY-SA 3.0.

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Olive Island Marina – Sutomišćica

A small marina in Sutomiscica on the island of Ugljan. It is a newly opened port with a club character. Spend your day by the pool, on the sun terrace overlooking the open sea, on the beach or at the bar. For the time being, your children can play on the playground.

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Photo: Jean-no, CC BY-SA 3.0

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The south coast of the island of Pašman

Between the old olive and fig groves are small stone houses that the locals used at the time of the olive harvest. It is a very romantic place located on the very edge of the sea.

Photo: Maestralni, CC BY-SA 3.0

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National Parks

Kornati archipelago – a yachting paradise
A breathtaking national park consisting of 147 islands and cliffs of various sizes in the southern part of the North Dalmatian islands, between the islands of Žirje and Dugi otok. The archipelago was named after the largest island – Kornat with an area of ​​32.6 km2. The archipelago consists mostly of round limestone rocks and stones in the sea. There is no drinking water, they are uninhabited. The entrance to the archipelago is strictly controlled and entrance fees are paid. If you like hiking, this trip is definitely worth it.

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Krka National Park
It is the second most visited national park in Croatia. It is known for its beautiful waterfalls, preserved nature and beautiful landscape. The park has an area of ​​up to 109 km². It is a system of rapids, cascades and waterfalls, under which you can swim. Or you can go on a boat trip through the canyon of the river Krka to the Roški waterfall – Roški waterfall to the island of Visovac, where the Franciscan monastery and museum are located.

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Vranske jazero Nature Park
The largest lake in Croatia. There is a very large amount of biodiversity here. Up to 250 species of birds live here. You can rent bikes or fish here for kayaking. There are many cycling and nature trails.

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Telascica Park
Would you like to take a bath in the lake? And would you like the lake to be close to the sea, on an island and still salty? Or watch the dolphins from the 160-meter-high cliffs? See an island that looks like a board left in the middle of the sea? You can try all this and more in the Telašica Nature Park.

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Urban tourism

This city is definitely worth seeing. It offers its visitors a rich cultural life, tourist attractions, gourmet delicacies, cultural monuments, modern sports facilities and a varied program of possible trips. Zadar is a real treasure trove of archaeological and monumental wealth from the ancient, medieval and renaissance periods, as well as several contemporary architectural marvels, such as the first Sea Organ in the world or the Greeting to the Sun.

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Biograd na Moru (UNESCO city)
Take a ferry trip and visit the town of Biograd na Moru, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the Patriotic Museum with its archaeological collection and the remains of a Venetian nave that sank here in the 16th century. Take an interesting hiking / cycling trip to the nature park by Lake Vrana, where you can visit an ornithological reserve, rent a canoe or just relax in the embrace of beautiful nature. If you are interested in monuments, you should not miss the Church of St. Rocca from the 16th century, built in honor of the patron saint of the plague or overlook the remains of the Benedictine monastery of St. Ivana.

You can read more about Biograd na Moru on this link

Don’t miss many interesting sights. Cathedral of St. Unique, with its stone construction without the use of adhesive material, is a symbol of this city and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Šibenik you will find 24 churches from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque. Visit the lush garden at the monastery of St. Lovre in the city center.
Lovers of good food, pay attention. There is a Michelin-starred Pelegrini restaurant.

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A city that offers beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. The most popular is Punta Radman beach. We definitely recommend visiting the church of St. Bartholomew of 12 st. The town is located only 12 km from Zadar.

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Gourmet specialties

We recommend tasting the traditional “kun” mussels, so-called kunjka is a local specialty in Tkon. In addition, you can enjoy Dalmatian prosciutto dried in the wind “bora”, roast lamb, octopus in the way “under the baking” (under a rounded container for cooking on an open fire) and traditional pâté (young beef prepared on a special spice) – the pearl of Croatian gastronomy.

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Concerts, performances by folk ensembles from various cities or islands, fireworks in Dobropoljan, or on the whole island of Pasman, UGLJAN, on the mainland in Zadar, etc.

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From the port of PREKO on Ugljan by ferry for pedestrians to ZADAR. Connection to the historic city center, no need to take a car.

From the port of Tkon in Pašman by ferry for pedestrians or cars to the town of BIOGRAD NA MORU. Connection to the historic city center, no need to take a car.

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